What are Yo-Yo Test and its procedure?

The Yo-yo test is a new test which is a variation of the beep test, because of this test players like Yuvraj Singh and Suresh Raina had to stay out of the game. And this is the reason why people want to know about this test, what it is, and what happens in it.

The Yo-yo test is a kind of fitness test that is done in sports like cricket, football, hockey, rugby, etc. The main purpose of this test is to test the stamina and fitness of the players. Recently, Indian cricket team captain Virat Kohli and his coach have announced that now only fit players will be given a place in cricket. Along with this, fitness coach Shankar Vasu has also made fitness tests mandatory for all players.

Variation in Beep Test:

As we already mentioned that this yo-yo test is a variation of the beep test and it was developed by Danish football physiologist Jens Bangsbo. There are two versions of this test, Level 1 and 2 which are beginner and advanced versions respectively. Its level 1 is as effective as the beep test, but in its level 2 the speed is increased and the speed is increased gradually at different times. In this test, recovery time is also given after every 40-meter run.

The main purpose of the Yo-Yo Test (Purpose of Yo-Yo Test):

Through this test, the fitness of the players is tested. Now, this test has been made mandatory for cricket in India also, behind this the main objective of the coach and captain is to select fit players for the team. When players are physically fit, they will be able to perform better against other teams on international grounds.

The following things will be required for this test:

Flat and non-slippery place, cone to determine the distance, pre-recorded audio CD or you can also use Team Beat Test software, audio player, recording sheet. Through all these things, you can also do this test yourself.

Yo-Yo Test Procedure

Here we are going to explain to you the process of the Yo-Yo Test in the field with the help of some pictures and descriptions. With its help, you can get a good idea about this test.

With the help of the picture below, we are trying to tell you the position of the players in the field, so that you will be able to understand this test easily.

Process :

The setup is prepared for the yo-yo test according to the picture, in this, there are three points according to pictures A, B, and C, cones are kept for marks at all three places. When this test is done on the ground, speakers are installed near the A cone and C cone, and with the help of these speakers, instructions are given to the players. As shown in the picture, the distance between A cone and B cone is 5 meters, this distance is for the recovery of the players. And after this B cone, which is also called the starting point, from there the distance of C cone is 20 meters, at this distance the players have to run.

When this test happens on the ground, before the start of the test, the players are told by announcing on the ground that the test is about to start, after this announcement, the players have to come to point B and get ready for the race. Then after this, the players are alerted a few seconds before the race. Then with the sound of the beep, you have to start the race. After this, you have to come back by touching the C cone in the given time before the second beep, and thus before the third beep, you have to cross the line of the B cone. If your speed is correct, the third beep will be heard as soon as you cross the B cone. Now after this, the distance of 5 meters between B cone and A cone is for recovery, and for this recovery, the player has 10 seconds and in these 10 seconds, the player has to come from A cone to B cone. It happens.

Now after this, if the speed of the player changes in the next round, then in these 10 seconds of recovery time, instructions are given through the speaker, which the player has to listen to. After this, this process has to be repeated again at the given speed as soon as the beep sounds. Apart from this, there are also shuttles in this test, here shuttle refers to the number of rounds at that speed. For speeds of 5 and 9, 1 round has to be put between B to C and at speeds of 11, this number of rounds increases to 2. In this test, if you hear the sound of a beep before crossing the B cone, then it means that your speed is low, and if you do not come back to B cone before the third beep, then you get a warning. Is. Getting 2 such warnings means that you are out of the test. Different standards have already been set for shuttle, speed, and distance for this test. According to which the players are tested.

Status of Indian Players in Yo-Yo Test:

We all are familiar with the fact that Yuvraj Singh failed this test, his score during this test was 16, which means he must have run around 1120 kilometers for this test. To pass this test, the player has to cross a score of 19.5, which means you have to run up to 5 shuttles at a speed of 19, in which the total distance that has to be covered is 2240 kms.

Apart from Yuvraj, Suresh Raina is also a player, who was not successful in this test. Due to not being successful in this test, he had to lose the series with Australia. Although his performance in other matches is not disappointing at the moment, the captain and coach of the Indian team have made passing this test necessary for entry into the team. Due to all this, the fans of Yuvi and Raina are also very disappointed.

Team India’s best performance in this test is of team captain Kohli, besides Jadeja and Manish Pandey. Their score is 21 on this test, which means they can run for a distance of 2720 meters. But the score of every cricket player in Australia is more than 21. That’s why Team India needs to work hard to cross this score and prove itself fit to make its place even better in international cricket.

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