India’s performance in World Cup Cricket 1973 – 2019

Today India has become the champion in cricket, everyone knows this. Because today India has gone ahead of all those teams, which have always been champion teams. And if we talk about the World Cup, then till now 10 World Cup cricket has been organized in the world. How was India’s performance in all these matches, and how many World Cups India has won so far, we are going to give you all this information through this article.

India’s Performance in World Cup Cricket so far

The information about India’s performance in all the world cup cricket so far in the world is as follows –

  • World Cup 1975 :- The first World Cup cricket match in the world was organized in England in 1975. Which is also known as Prudential World Cup. At that time the World Cup used to be of 60 overs. In this, the West Indies team won, whose captain was Clive Lloyd. In a match of this World Cup, former Indian cricketer Sunil Gavaskar played the entire 60 overs and scored only 36 runs. India’s performance in this World Cup was not very good. India was in a group with England, New Zealand and East Africa in this World Cup. But in this India had defeated only East Africa, India was defeated along with all others. Due to which India was out of this tournament.
  • World Cup Sun 1979 :- After this the next World Cup was played in June 1979 in England only. And in this also West Indies won. And in this too, the Indian team was eliminated in the first round after losing all the group matches. In this, England, Australia and Pakistan reached the semi-finals along with the West Indies. And in the end West Indies won.
  • World Cup 1983: – This was the World Cup match in which India won and Kapil Dev was the captain and deserving of victory. This match was also organized in England like every time. And in this, India had broken all the records by winning. In this World Cup, India had also broken West Indies’ dream of scoring a hat-trick of victory. In the final match with West Indies, India defeated West Indies by 43 runs, and became the champion team of that year.
  • World Cup 1987: – This was the first such World Cup, which was not organized in England, but it was organized jointly by India and Pakistan. This World Cup was held in the month of October to November. Overs were reduced from 60 to 50 from this World Cup. In this World, the Indian team reached the semi-finals, but England defeated India in the semi-finals, and after that Australia won the World Cup by defeating England.
  • World Cup 1992: – In 1992, the 5th World Cup was organized, which was jointly organized by Australia and New Zealand. Mohammad Azharuddin captained the Indian team in this World Cup. This World Cup was the first World Cup of famous cricketer Sachin Tendulkar in our country. India’s performance in this World Cup was not very good. Because India lost the first match to England. After this the next match was with Sri Lanka, but this match was also drawn. Then India’s match took place with Australia, in which India was defeated, but India’s performance was very good in this. After this, there was some rift between Javed Miandad and Kiran More in the match with Pakistan, due to which this match is remembered. In this way, India had won only 2 matches in total in this World Cup. The champion team in this World Cup was Pakistan, but let us tell you that India had won the match with Pakistan.
  • World Cup 1996 :- The host country of the 1996 World Cup was the Indian subcontinent. And this World Cup was mixed for India, because in this India got defeated by Sri Lanka in the semi-finals. In fact, in this World Cup, India had defeated Pakistan very well in the quarterfinals. In which Navjot Singh Sidhu and Ajay Jadeja performed well. And in this World Cup, Sachin Tendulkar scored his first century in the World Cup. Sachin Tendulkar was seen performing very well in this year’s World Cup. This World Cup is also known for this, because in this World Cup match between India and Sri Lanka, when Sachin Tendulkar got out and then all the players got out one after the other, the Indian spectators sitting there cheered India’s defeat. Seeing this happening, started creating ruckus there. Due to which the match could not reach the result and on the basis of the score, Sri Lanka team was given the title of victory. And after this the Sri Lankan team won the final as well and became the champion team of this World Cup.
  • World Cup 1999: – This year’s World Cup was hosted by Britain. India had two batsmen in this World Cup, who attracted the attention of the people and they were Rahul Dravid and Sourav Ganguly. The pair of these two had done wonders in this World Cup. In the match with Sri Lanka, the partnership between the two scored 318 runs, which is the biggest record ever. In this World Cup, India had brilliantly defeated both Sri Lanka and Pakistan teams, but due to defeat from Australia and New Zealand, India could not get the World Cup trophy.
  • World Cup 2003: – This was the eighth Cricket World Cup, which was organized in Africa. India’s performance in this World Cup was very good, and India became the best team among all the teams. Sachin and Sourav Ganguly played a very good game together in this World Cup. This World Cup was played under the captaincy of Sourav Ganguly. In which Ganguly performed very well and took Team India to the finals. In this entire World Cup, India lost only 2 matches and both these matches were lost to Australia. Although India may have faced defeat in the final match of this World Cup, but in this whole tournament

India’s performance in T was commendable. Sachin Tendulkar was presented with a golden bet trophy in this World Cup. Virender Sehwag performed very well in its final match.

  • World Cup 2007 :- Out of all the World Cups that had happened till now, this World Cup was the worst World Cup for India. Because in this whole World Cup, India did not perform well in any match, except one match. Yes, a match was held against Bermuda of India, in which India made the highest ever score record of 413 runs. Which has not been broken by any team so far. But apart from this, India did not win any match. After this World Cup, Pakistan’s captain Inzamam-ul-Haq resigned from his captaincy and Mahendra Singh Dhoni was made the captain of the Indian cricket team in place of Rahul Dravid in India too.
  • World Cup 2011: – This World Cup was the 10th World Cup, which was the best World Cup for India after 1983. This World Cup was the third time the World Cup was organized in the Indian subcontinent. In this, Mahendra Singh Dhoni of the Indian team had a wonderful captaincy. First of all, India avenged the defeat in the 2007 World Cup by defeating Bangladesh in this World Cup. In this entire World Cup, the Indian team had lost only one match, which was with South Africa. India had won all the other matches. In this World Cup, Indian team captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni had done the best captaincy with his understanding. In this World Cup, India defeated Australia in the semi-finals itself. After this, playing with Sri Lanka in the final, India won. And after 1983, this year i.e. for the second time India won the World Cup title.we
  • World Cup 2015: – The 2015 World Cup was hosted by Australia and New Zealand team. This was the 11th Cricket World Cup. The performance of the Indian team in this World Cup was nothing special. Although Mahendra Singh Dhoni was the captain of the Indian team after winning the last time. But Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s technique did not work in this World Cup. And India was eliminated after losing to Australia in the semi-finals. The champion team of this World Cup became Australia, who won this title by defeating New Zealand. After this year’s World Cup, Dhoni decided to give up his captaincy, and then Virat Kohli became the captain of the Indian cricket team.
  • World Cup 2019: – This year i.e. in 2019, both England and Wales are going to organize the World Cup together. Virat Kohli is the captain of the Indian team in this World Cup, and this is the first World Cup under his leadership. The first match of the World Cup is going to start on 30 May 2019. This year’s World Cup is the 12th World Cup. India’s first match in this World Cup is with South Africa. In this, people have hope on Virat Kohli that he will make India win this time. So now how does India perform in this World Cup, and can it become the champion team this year. You will know all this with the performance of India in the upcoming World Cup matches.

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